Why Winter is an Ideal Time to Have a Skin Cancer Check


Most people need to be aware that skin lesions from sun damage during summer don’t just appear overnight; instead, it takes several months or years for the damage to grow into full-blown cancer. Of course, the chances of noticing these moles or lesions during summer are very high as our skin is often exposed to sun rays.

However, this is not the case during winter. Because our skin is often heavily clothed during the colder months, we are not likely to take note of suspicious moles and lesions. But the truth is that skin cancer does not discriminate. Not only does it affect both young and old, but it is also a looming threat every year, regardless of the temperature outside. It doesn’t care what the temperature is, so sun protection measures and skin checks should not be neglected even during the colder months.

Additionally, the colder period is the best time to get your skin thoroughly checked for cancer warning signs for various reasons. Keep reading to discover these reasons.

Skin cancer doesn’t stick to one season

You should know that skin cancer is not seasonal. Because the colder months are here doesn’t mean you should take a sabbatical on your skin care. Rather, it would be best if you were more attentive to your skin during this time because the issues grown over the summer may finally start to show their ugly heads.

In reality, melanoma and other skin cancer don’t just develop the moment you experience skin damage. Instead, it takes months or years before symptoms start to surface. That’s why it’s essential to regularly check for any unusual changes in your skin regardless of the season. If you haven’t been doing so, a quarterly self-check is an excellent way to start.

Another great time to check your skin is in the shower or after a bath. If you notice any alteration in size, colour, or tenderness, of your skin, it is essential to book a skin check appointment immediately.

The Clothes you wear are a significant determinant

One major benefit of having your skin checked during the colder months of the year is the clothes you’re more likely to wear during this time.

Usually, during the summer, the weather is often scorching hot outside, so you’re likely to wear light clothing to compensate and stay calm, making it easy to notice the early signs of skin cancer. However, during those colder months, you’re probably all covered up wearing pants, jackets, sweatshirts, and items of that nature.

So, you’re far less likely to discover a skin cancer problem sign because less of your skin is being exposed. That is why it is essential to have a regular skin check in winter.

Tanned Skin might equal Damaged Skin

You probably may love how you look with a nice tan during summer. But then, you should know that tanned skin can mean damaged skin.

Since you’re outside more during the summer, you’re far more likely to have a tan, meaning you’re also less likely to take note of issues indicative of a bigger problem just waiting to develop down the road.

On the other hand, during the winter, you probably spend less time outdoors, meaning that your skin is less traumatized, which makes it easier for you and your doctors to spot issues during a skin check-up.


Getting your skin checked at a local skin cancer clinic is the best thing you can do for your health this winter. Not only do you enjoy all these benefits mentioned, but they also help compare you to examine yourself during a time when it probably wouldn’t be on your mind. Do not hesitate to contact your skin doctor whenever you notice unusual skin changes.