Skin Clinic Robina offers advanced IPL and Laser Hair Removal treatment procedures at our Gold Coast clinic, for all types of skin including Asian and darker skin complexions. Please contact our friendly staff to discuss the suitability and type of hair removal required for your skin type.

Laser Hair Removal Gold Coast (Robina)

Human hair grows nearly everywhere on the body except for areas such as feet soles. The hair can be fine and almost invisible, or very coarse and dark. Depending on personal preference and social norms, women and men around the world may opt to remove hair from certain body areas as a part of their beauty routine.

Laser Hair Removal

Why do we have unwanted hair?

Androgenetic hormones are the main regulators of hair follicles and control where hair will and will not grow, as well as its thickness and colour. Men have much higher androgen levels than women, which makes them have more, as well as thicker, body hair.

A person’s hairiness is primarily determined by genetics, but it can also be affected by medications, such as steroids, or by hormonal imbalances. There are many hair removal systems and hair removal methods for removing unwanted hair, most commonly from the legs, bikini line, armpits, back, upper lip and chin.

Is it a good idea to have hair removed?

Hair removal is a personal preference, albeit significantly influenced by social norms. Some people feel that hair is natural and welcome all hair growth, while others seek treatment for hair reduction or even permanent hair removal. Since genetics play a major role, some ethnic groups tend to be hairier. On an individual level, there are many men and women with higher androgen levels who have more hair.

Light Sheer Laser Hair Removal

Fewest treatments, shortest sessions, most effective results, optimal patient comfort, no gels or messy preparations

IPL Hair Removal

Safe, clinically validated treatment, that permanently reduces hair growth, but does require gels and longer sessions when compared to laser removal.

Number of sessions required?

A fact about hair removal is – there is nothing called permanent hair removal available, it is only hair reduction. Not understanding this fact leads to disappointment and non-compliance.

The amount of sessions required, is very personal and individual and depends on different types of hairs ie; colour, thickness etc.
For eg: Dark thick hair in Caucasian requires approximately 6 session to achieve 90 % reduction. and will require a maintenance treatment in 6-12 months

Dark thick hair in a darker skin complexion might require 10-12 session depending on the complexion of the skin. to make sure they do not develop any side effects related to treatments.
we offer 4-6 weeks of preparation of skin and all the procedures are initiated by a doctor or under direct supervision of the doctors.

Is laser hair removal safe?

Our highly skilled doctors and technicians are trained in the very latest techniques and utilise the most advanced technologies available to them, ensuring all treatments are completed in the safest manner possible. We offer a comprehensive consultation for all patients considering laser hair removal as standard. This helps us to develop a personalised treatment plan based on your skin type, quantity and density of the body hair that needs to be removed along with its propensity for regrowth, which in turn enables us to minimise risk while maximising the effectiveness of the treatment.

Is laser treatment suitable for everyone?

Your consultation with our specialist will determine if your skin is appropriate for laser treatment. Your skin type, complexion and hair follicle colour all influence treatment outcomes. As a rule, dark hair is generally more easily removed due to the greater presence of melanin in each follicle. Light coloured hair such as white, red or grey cannot be treated with a laser as the follicles do not contain adequate melanin.

Can laser treatment be used to remove facial hair?

Yes. It can be used to safely and effectively remove hair from areas on the face such as the cheeks, chin, above the upper lip, between the eyebrows and more.

Can it be used to treat ingrown hair follicles?

Ingrown hair follicles are typically found in areas of the body where the skin is shaved but can occur in other regions as well and can be quite painful at times. Laser treatment is an excellent solution to eradicating ingrown hair as it annihilates the follicle entirely and helps prevent further instances from appearing.

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Treatment tips and precautions

  • Avoid UV exposure and fake tanning kits throughout the course of your therapy, as these can reduce the effectiveness of laser treatment while increasing the chances of your skin being burnt by the laser. Please notify your specialist if you have had prior exposure or are wearing an artificial tan, prior to your therapy session.
  • The daily application of SPF 30 or higher sun cream on the treated area is strongly advised, especially for those with fair skin and/or live in a warm climate
  • Avoid plucking, waxing or bleaching your skin at least 1 month prior to the commencement of your first treatment session
  • Shave or use hair removal creams on the treated area throughout the duration of your treatment
  • Shave the region of your skin to be treated, 24 hrs before your treatment session commences as this helps create a more potent laser current, resulting in a superior outcome
  • Avoid strenuous exercise or any environment that will cause you to perspire, before arriving for treatment

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