What is Hyperhidrosis?

Hyperhidrosis is a condition defined by excessive sweating that affects individuals, regardless of environmental conditions. There are two kinds of hyperhidrosis; primary and secondary. Primary hyperhidrosis is localised to a specific region of the body, such as the armpits, feet and hands, while secondary concerns abnormal amounts of perspiration across the entire body and is typically the result of another condition or disorder.

Excessive sweating can lead to unwanted skin irritations and can have many adverse effects that are a detriment to the quality of a person’s everyday life. Skin Clinic Robina provides effective Gold Coast hyperhidrosis treatment.

Hyperhidrosis Gold Coast Sweating Treatment

Primary Hyperhidrosis

Instances of primary hyperhidrosis are often genetically linked and the condition occurs in specific areas of the body. This form of hyperhidrosis is most often symmetrical in nature, meaning that it is prevalent on both the left and right side of a person’s body. The most common areas of occurrence are the armpits, hands, feet and facial region. The overwhelming majority of hyperhidrosis patients have primary hyperhidrosis.


Secondary Hyperhidrosis

The second and least-common form of this condition is known as secondary or generalised hyperhidrosis and is attributed to a pre-existing medical condition or in some cases, the ill-effects of prescribed medication.


Hyperhidrosis Treatment

The most effective treatment method for excessive sweating is the same treatment used to reduce dynamic and static lines. This treatment is fast and non-invasive and is commonly used to treat hyperhidrosis located in the armpits (axillary). Whilst the injection needle is extremely fine and the pain is often negligible (lasting around 2 minutes), patients can elect to have a topical anaesthetic gel applied to the skin, prior to treatment to ensure a completely pain-free experience.

Once the gel has been applied, a starch-iodine test is used to determine the precise areas of the skin that will be treated by the injections. Following this, the serum is injected into the identified areas of the skin at approximately 1 to 2 cm intervals. Although injections can be used to effectively treat excessive sweating in other areas of the body such as the feet and hands, the pain can be quite unpleasant and patients will typically require some type of sedative, to help dull the discomfort.


How Does The Treatment Work?

The treatment inhibits the nerve signals of the sweat glands that they are inserted into, causing a dramatic reduction in perspiration. Although sweating is the body’s natural mechanism for regulating body temperature, the armpits contain only a fraction of the body’s total sweat glands and preventing them from sweating rarely leads to increased sweating in other regions of the body.


How Long Does the Treatment Take?

Treatment sessions are quick and easy, and the entire process normally takes no longer than 20 minutes to finish. Once the treatment has concluded, you will be able to resume your daily routine as usual. If a patient would like to have numbing cream applied at the clinic, they will arrive 40 mins prior to treatment. Numbing can be applied at an additional cost.


How Many Treatment Sessions Will I Require?

It must be noted that this treatment is not a permanent solution to hyperhidrosis. The injections will effectively control your sweating for up to 12 months, with some patients reporting the treatment lasting beyond this, but it varies from patient to patient. Your underarm sweat levels will steadily improve, and you will typically see optimal results around 2 weeks after your treatment session. Additional treatment sessions are required to ensure continued dryness. With successive treatments, we will often be able to regulate your sweating.


Are There Any Side Effects?

Clinical treatment for hyperhidrosis is very safe and the side effects are minimal. Some patients may experience mild pain at the location of the injection.

NOTE: Please be aware that all women are forbidden from receiving this treatment during pregnancy.



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