Dr Dan Robinson

Gold Coast ENT Specialist - Dr Dan Robinson

Dr Dan Robinson is an acclaimed Gold Coast ENT Specialist with qualifications in Facial Plastic Surgery. Dr Robinson possesses elite training in rhinoplasty and is recognised as a fully qualified Facial Plastic Surgeon by the Australasian Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery (AAFPS). His specialty training and qualifications enable him to perform the most advanced rhinoplasty surgical procedures and achieve outstanding results for his patients. Additionally, Dr Robinson is a fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (RACS).

Please note – at this time, Dr Robinson is only offering online consultations.

Through his years of practice and training, Dr Robinson has acquired considerable experience in rhinoplasty, with recognised training in cosmetic and functional rhinoplasty. During his year-long fellowship in Facial Plastic Surgery, Dr Robinson performed over one hundred rhinoplasty surgeries. He also passed the prestigious annual International Facial Plastic Surgery examination, held in Washington D.C.

This rigorous examination is chiefly concerned with advanced rhinoplasty procedures and facial plastic surgery and upon successful completion, Dr Robinson was recognised by the Australian Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery as a fully qualified Facial Plastic Surgeon; the only surgeon in the whole of Queensland to possess this illustrious accolade.

Dr Robinson has a keen interest in the rhinoplasty profession and it his distinguished opinion that optimal results in rhinoplasty require a fastidious approach to pre-operative consultation, intra-operative technique and post-operative management. All surgical procedures performed by Dr Robinson are completed at a controlled pace, to ensure the best possible outcomes for his clients.

Communication is essential when considering all surgical operations and Dr Robinson actively communicates with his clients, both in the pre-operative and post-operative stages, routinely engaging with patients for at least 6 months following their ENT surgery.

A recognised authority in his field, Dr Robinson is heavily involved in rhinoplasty research and is a regular speaker at conferences, delivering ground-breaking presentations amongst colleagues and with training registrars.

Dr Robinson has given presentations on a variety of ENT topics, including:

  • Evolution of facial plastic surgery
  • Aesthetic facial analysis
  • Management of the nasal valve
  • Application of the auto-spreader in rhinoplasty
  • Prospective analysis of rhinoplasty outcomes

Dr Robinson is employed at the Gold Coast University Hospital and Pindara Private Hospital. His responsibilities include the education of trainee ENT surgeons and junior doctors in the areas of rhinoplasty and facial plastic surgery. Additionally, Dr Robinson also coordinates the ENT Gold Coast journal club and delivers regular presentations.

Dr Robinson successfully completed a fellowship in Facial Plastic Surgery in 2012 in Perth, under the guidance of renowned surgeon, Dr Tuan Pham. It was during this time that Dr Robinson received advanced tutelage in rhinoplasty with an emphasis on revision rhinoplasty, cosmetic rhinoplasty and severe nasal obstruction. Whilst living in Perth, Dr Robinson worked at Sir Charles Gardiner Hospital as an ENT consultant and at Royal Perth Hospital as a fellow. Dr Robinson has delivered numerous research-based presentations, stemming from his experiences on fellowship.

In 2011, Dr Robinson was employed in private practices in Sydney and Newcastle and as an ENT consultant at John Hunter Hospital. Before this, Dr Robinson concluded his training in ENT Surgery in New South Wales. During this time, he underwent extensive training throughout regional as well as Sydney hospitals, such as Sydney Children’s Hospital, Royal Prince Alfred and Concord Repatriation Hospital. It was through these experiences, that Dr Robinson realised the necessity of completing fellowship training in rhinoplasty, in order to accomplish to the best results for clients.

A renowned Gold Coast ENT specialist, Dr Robinson is a board member of the Gold Coast ENT Research Group, a foundation that was developed with the aim of advancing Gold Coast based ENT research.

Dr Robinson is a prominent member of the ‘Expert Opinion in ENT’ podcast series. The podcast is a collection of interviews from various medical experts in the field of ENT, on a variety of ENT Surgery topics and is currently available to purchase through iTunes. Feedback on the podcast from the ENT fraternity has been positive, with many interesting topics covered by the series proving popular among listeners. Dr Robinson believes that the podcasts are an ideal way for the ENT community to stay informed of the latest technologies, techniques and groundbreaking research within the specialty branches of ENT.

Royal Australasian College Surgeons

Dr Robinson graduated with honours from Sydney University in 2002 and commenced work as a doctor, the following year, in NSW. Before deciding studying medicine, Dr Robinson completed a Bachelor of I.T. and Bachelor of Commerce at Bond University on the Gold Coast, majoring in business information systems and finance.

Dr Dan Robinson is a leading Gold Coast ENT Specialist who achieves outstanding results for his patients. To arrange a consultation with him, please contact Skin Clinic Robina today.