Cheek Fillers: A Comprehensive Guide


You are responsible for your body, and how you care for it is entirely up to you. What you choose to do with your body is also your decision to make. The human body has a photographic memory, and the consequences of the choices you make to your body, may not be felt until years or even decades later. This is why we are always advised to take good care of your body.

However, no matter how good your genes may be or how well you’ve managed to take care of your body in your younger years, the fact remains that everyone’s body is subject to aging, and you will eventually notice the tell-tale signs that your body is getting old. These signs tend to take a toll on the skin, and many people often seek ways to delay these signs and maintain their smooth skin for as long as possible.

One skin treatment that has proven to be very effective for maintaining a younger look is injectable filler treatments, and this article will help explain what fillers are composed of, what they’re used for, if they’re worth investing in and how long you can typically expect their benefits to last.

What are Contouring and Volumising Treatments?

A contouring and volumising treatment is a soft tissue filler introduced under the layer of the skin via injection to help eliminate wrinkles, increase facial volume, and improve various facial features. Fillers are mostly made of medical acids, which is found underneath the human skin. These acids basically help to store moisture, thereby keeping the skin hydrated and giving it a plump look. These contouring and volumising treatments are gel-like substances that attract moisture when injected, thereby integrating the skin and surrounding tissues.

What are contouring and volumising treatments used for?

Cheek fillers can be used for various facial integration purposes, and they are often made specially, depending on what purpose they will serve. We already know that they are introduced to make your face look better, but what are their specific purposes?

  • Fillers help to improve the volume and shape of the lips
  • They are used to eliminate laugh lines that tend to appear as you age
  • Integrate the jaw and chin, making them fuller and improving their shapes.
  • It also helps to eliminate scars that result from acne
  • Adds volume to the eyes and reduces the hollowness that sometimes comes with aging.

Is investing in contouring and volumising treatments worth it?

The results that injectable fillers have produced over the years have been consistently impressive and highlight the benefits of the treatment. However, many people still believe that fillers are not worth investing in, especially considering the prices. It is no news that filler treatments are often quite expensive. But if you consider what you stand to gain and the fact that this treatment comes with minimal side effects, you will find that it offers value and is worth spending on, as long as you can afford it.

How long do contouring and volumising treatments last?

Different cheek fillers generally require different time ranges before they start to take effect, and the efficiency period is usually different from the others. Some fillers start to take effect almost immediately after the injection, while others go for some time before producing a visible result. These fillers do not last for a specific time, and a filler treatment may lose effectiveness after a period of between 6 – 18 months.


Injectable fillers have been an immense addition to skincare medicine, as they are very instrumental in slowing down the rate at which the skin responds to aging. Filler treatments are known to be safe, and this article has summarised everything you need to know about the injectable filler.