Accredited Doctor - Skin Cancer College Australasia

  • Laser Hair Removal

    We offer advanced IPL and Laser Hair Removal treatment procedures for all skin types including Asian and darker skin complexions.

  • Skin Cancer Clinic

    At Skin Clinic Robina, our highly trained doctors strive to provide the most appropriate and evidenced-based treatments for your skin issues.

  • Cosmetic Surgery

    Our Cosmetic Surgery offers a full range of procedures including treatment for acne scarring, blepharoplasty, cosmetic mole removal and more.

  • Mole Mapping

    At Skin Clinic Robina, we provide state-of-the-art mole mapping services for the purposes of early skin cancer detection.

  • Cosmetic Medical

    We offer a variety of cosmetic treatments at our Gold Coast clinic including wrinkle reduction treatments and volumising treatments, as a part of our complete skin care work up.

  • CoolSculpting

    Our specialists utilise this fascinating new technology to safely and effectively target the fat cells beneath the skin of patients.

  • Skin Repair & Rejuvenation

    MediLUX takes the power of light therapy to the next level to correct even more skin imperfections in one place than ever before.

  • Laser Clinic

    We offer a full range of Advanced IPL and Laser Photorejuvenation procedures that deliver remarkable results for our patients.

About Us

Skin Clinic Robina was establised in 2010, Started by Owner and Director of Skin Clinic Gold Coast Pty Ltd

We offer comprehensive skin checks, diagnosis and management of skin cancers. Our treatment options include Photodynamic therapy, Flap surgery, Graft surgery and Margin control surgery. We also offer cosmetic removal of sun spots, freckles, broken capillaries, anti-ageing treatments, disfiguring surgical scar reduction, Acne scarring and cool-sculpting.

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